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Founded by Dr. Elizabeth Ruzzo, adyn is helping people find birth control without side effects based on a person's genetic risk and hormone profile. Despite the 47M birth control users in the US, virtually no studies examine the biological factors that explain why individuals respond differently to a given contraceptive method. Launched in May 2022, The Birth Control Test is the first test designed to prevent birth control side effects. While we are improving the birth control experience, we are also committed to closing the gender health gap. By partnering with individuals, adyn leverages personal preference, medical history, and biological data to proactively help every (unique) body select the most desirable birth control option – with the least dangerous side effects.
Bootup helps companies fill their talent gaps by tapping into the fastest growing tech talent pool - the bootcamp and vocational training school market. We help entry level candidates and companies find the right fit to build successful long term relationships through our matching algorithms, employer sponsored certifications, and concierge service. We also work directly with bootcamps to help them increase their cohort sizes, while improving placement rates with our candidate management software. Our work has already had a positive impact on our bootcamp and employer partners, helping increase headcount and improve placement rates.
Simplify compliance with ByteChek’s advanced and easy-to-use compliance platform.
CareCar is health services and technology platform offering payers a path to offering better supplemental benefits to their members. The company currently focuses on in-home care & non-emergent medical transport benefits, and related services.
Developer of blockchain-based collectibles and NFT platform designed to pave the way to a more open and inclusive digital world starting with games and entertainment.
EdConnective's Mission is to ensure student success through transformative teacher coaching. In achieving this, we strive to give teachers the single greatest professional development experience they’ll ever have in the profession. Online coaching for teachers affords 1-1 coaching that is infinitely more scalable and 8X more effective than on-site consultants. Our platform matches each teacher with an EdConnective coach based on an in-depth analysis of their professional/personal profile. Video clip of instruction submitted. EdC facilitates data analysis. EdC coach delivers feedback via video conference. 10X growth in two years. Presence in 26 states. 30k students impacted this year alone.
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Edlyft is designed to get students through tough computer science courses and into high paying jobs. We work with students early in their college journeys, equipping them to succeed in their classes and job search.
Encantos is a global web3 platform empowering creators who help kids learn. Named by Fast Company as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in education, Encantos is on a mission to inspire kids to learn 21st-century skills by democratizing and diversifying both what and how kids learn. Encantos creators are called storyteachers and they build immersive play-based digital and physical experiences including audio, video, books, games, and more. Kids and parents experience these creator-led storyworlds through a subscription that offers a safe, curated environment with unlimited access across a wide range of learning, literacy, and life skills, including creativity, critical thinking, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and resilience. Encantos helps kids, parents, creators, and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect with the tools and 21st-century skills they need to build a brighter future and a better world. An award-winning public benefit corporation, Encantos is based in Culver City, CA.
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Esusu is the leading financial technology platform helping individuals save money and build credit. Founded in 2016, Esusu is at the forefront of paving a permanent bridge to financial access by providing financial solutions for low-to-middle income consumers. Esusu's groundbreaking rent reporting platform captures rental payment data and reports it to credit bureaus to boost credit scores. This allows tenants to build and establish their credit scores while helping property owners attract tenants, reduce turnover, and improve collections to increase their operating income. Esusu creates the community and systems needed to build credit and thrive.
Five to Nine's easy-to-use platform helps organizers manage and evaluate company events - both virtual and in-person. From ERG events and programs to manager training and recruiting events, we help organizers streamline program management into one tool. Our platform automates organizer's busy work while helping to scale multiple events, integrate their workflows, and collect insightful event analytics and feedback.
At Forum, we buy digitally-native consumer brands and build them into category leaders. We partner with owners of the best everyday products selling through Amazon FBA and other 3rd party marketplaces. As long-time investors, operators, and industry experts, we represent the most trusted buyers in e-commerce.
Gro Intelligence is a Kenya-born company that provides builds technologies to avail companies of climate and agricultural data intended to bridge the data gaps across global agriculture and offer predictive analytics on plant and yield. The company's platform utilizes artificial intelligence to collect and synthesize a large number of agricultural data points from disparate and often previously unavailable sources, enabling users to get a clear, comprehensive and timely picture of the factors influencing various agricultural commodities. Gro Intelligence sources information from proprietary, public, and private sources including self-provided data, then delivers it t o its users through APIs models, platforms, applications, and working documents.